Uniting analog labs in Baltic and Nordic region

This August Spongé had a pleasure to host members from four analog labs and collectives based in Baltic-Nordic region.

Baltic Analog Lab (LV), Filmwerkstaden (FI),STPLN (SE), Polar Lab (NO) and us, all together in Vilnius for four peculiar days. Some of us met for the very first time, some had a chance to share their latest contrivance with an old buddy. The very first day began at Spongé studio, where we have started an important discussion about the implications of our meeting and a final goal, which has to be set up by putting forward a clear vision of region's analog motion picture scene and each lab's strongest sides.

A comprehensive workshop took place at Vilnius Academy of Arts together with the great supervisor Gintas Kavoliūnas. The workshop on film toning was leaded by Vytautas K. Juozėnas (see beautiful results achieved at the gallery below). You can get surprised knowing how productive it all went - we managed to shoot on 16mm, 35mm, develop it, tone it, KINOmanual made a short animation of us wiggling in academy's balcony, Armands Andže tested his DIY emulsion on the glass plates, Vytautas took inimitable portraits, the sun was shining and we felt uplifted while it was setting down. On the third day we had our guests' films screening at the old Ozas cinema hall. The hall was small but full, we had a chance to introduce the one year networking project with all the labs that are involved. Later followed two performances at ŠČ gallery by BAL members and KINOmanual duo. That's when it felt how being together, helping each other and working on the same goals is something that united us not only for those four days.

We all sat at the brunch table talking, sharing our thoughts on what could be done to improve the program of our screenings as well as how we could shape identity of our region and present it for other continents. Many questions were raised, many new ideas came and so we are looking forward for the third meeting at STPLN lab, Malmo!

Special thanks to

Ieva Balode,

Simonas Kuliešis,

Ūla Tornau,

Ozas cinema hall team,


Vilnius Academy of Arts, Photography and media arts department - Gintas Kavoliūnas.

Spongé is a part of one year networking project with support of Nordic Culture Point