Hand and Machine

Cinema was the first inescapably mechanical art. But in this post-mechanical age, the traditional apparatus of cinema

has all too rapidly been deemed obsolete and primitive. Yet the handing over of industrial machinery to anti-industrial

users represents one of the prime creative opportunities for re-appraising and re-interpreting the nature of ourselves as

transformed by the age of machines.

Post mechanical age, the humanness of the machine can be made evident. Post mechanical age, machine craft is the new

hand craft. The program which was presented on May 19th included seven recent film works from Australian DIY cine professionals Richard Tuohy and Dianna Barrie exploring the primitive apparatus of cinema and the relation between hand and machine.

On the occasion of meeting with Richard and Dianna, together with Kipras, Miki and Eglė Spongé Lab has just made the impossible possible by converting 16mm editing table into a film copying machine. Baltic DIY experimentalistas: no more excuses. We can start making hand-made shorts in Naujamiestis!

Special thanks to Ozo kino salė and, for sure, everybody who came.