Notes from the Underground

From April 2019 Spongé team together with colleagues in France has started to shoot a new film ,,Notes from the underground'' directed and written by Eglė Razumaitė.

The team behind

Director: Eglė Razumaitė

DOP: Ville Piippo, Vytautas Kazimieras Juozėnas

Production: Akvilė Kabašinskiatė, Agnė Šopytė

Actors: Djex Kolossal, Saxon Anthony Tsoinyane, Ina Bartaitė, Gerda Čiuraitė, Domitille de Bazelaire, Andrius Mickevičius, Taironas Mickevičius, Ilja Krina, Aleksandras Mikonis, Sergej Severjanov, EvelinaŠeškauskytė, Deividas Akranevičius, Andrius Veslov

Coordination: Mariette Châtry

Production assistant: Jonas Razumas, Miglė Kriaučiūnaitė.

Son: Vytautas Kazimieras Juozėnas, Jokūbas Čižikas

Compositor : Jokūbas Čižikas


     By two main characters’ journey of self-discovery, two cities and two histories of nations become contiguous. Paris and Vilnius open the topic of social and territorial periphery. The piece addresses questions that remain central to urban planning and everyday life, such as how does the city develop, what are the dynamics of its planning, can we speak about certain laws that occur, how do territorial periphery correlate with social separation and what are the historical conditions behind such situations. By continuing the work on philosophy and the city, author follows post-modern french philosophy tradition and analyzes the conditions in which suburbs around Paris formed, always juxtaposing to the so called underground-Vilnius. The relationship between top and bottom, centre and periphery is the propulsion. The author gently touches themes about post-colonial France and post-sovietic Lithuania - the crisis of constructing national identity in afro-french and lithuanian-russian communities.

     The film starts with Djex and his buddy, who get on the juorney to find the source of indigo. Indigo as such, has no material content, but it refers to blue mood, the state of melancholy and has some links to the blues music. Second character - the underground man in Vinius, is based on F. Dostoevsky’s novel ,,Notes from the underground’’ narrator’s persona, who has contradictory personality and constant desire for pain and unhappiness. The man appears at the underground hideout from where the delusion of self-assessment starts.