Baltic-Nordic meet at FILMVERKSTADEN | Vaasa

On January 16-19 4th Baltic-Nordic meet was held in Vaasa, Finland. Spongé had a great pleasure to participate and visit Filmverkstaden lab. We also had a chance to meet other participants; All Hands On Deck (STPLN) from Sweden, Baltic Analog Lab from Latvia. During the long weekend we all went deep into alternative photography technique - wet plate or collodion photography process, which was introduced at the workshop by Gunnar Bäckman. Every participant was able to try taking pictures with a large format camera and independently create a portrait on an aluminium plate. We also discussed Baltic-Nordic network future perspectives; how we could incorporate more members and collectives, how and when we could present our Nordic-Baltic film program. On our last day we had a pleasure to see a fresh program of recent works by our colleagues. Looking forward for upcoming visit to Norway, Tromsø in February 27!

Photo credits: Michael Finland